Boom Beach for PC

Boom Beach for PC

Storm the beach and win the day!

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Android Version4.0.3 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Boom Beach For PC

aWelcome ato aBoom aBeach: acome awith aa aplan aor aleave ain adefeat!

Fight athe aevil aBlackguard awith abrains aand abrawn ain athis aepic acombat astrategy agame. aAttack aenemy abases ato afree aenslaved aislanders aand aunlock athe asecrets aof athis atropical aparadise. aCreate aa aTask aForce awith aplayers aaround athe aworld ato atake aon athe aenemy atogether. aScout, aplan, athen aBOOM aTHE aBEACH!

PLEASE aNOTE! aBoom aBeach ais afree ato adownload aand aplay. aHowever, asome agame aitems acan aalso abe apurchased afor areal amoney. aIf ayou ado anot awant ato ause athis afeature, aplease aset aup apassword aprotection afor apurchases ain athe asettings aof ayour aGoogle aPlay aStore aapp.

- aPlay awith amillions aof aother aplayers, araid ahundreds aof aenemy abases afor aloot
- aBattle afor acontrol aof aprecious aresources ato aupgrade ayour abase aagainst aenemy aattacks
- aExplore aa ahuge atropical aarchipelago aand adiscover athe amysterious apower aof athe aLife aCrystals
- aFace afearsome aBlackguard aBosses aand auncover atheir aevil aplans
- aJoin aother aplayers ato aform aan aunstoppable aTask aForce ato atake aon aco-op amissions

Under aour aTerms aof aServices aand aPrivacy aPolicy, aBoom aBeach ais aallowed afor adownload aand aplay aonly afor apersons a13 ayears aor aover aof aage awithout aparental aconsent.

Note: aA anetwork aconnection ais arequired ato aplay

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