New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game for PC

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game for PC

Play dice in a fun board game! Discover a new multiplayer dice game with friends

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game Screenshots

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game for PC screenshot 1New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game for PC screenshot 2New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game for PC screenshot 3

About New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game For PC

aGet aReady afor athe aHolidays awith aGoogle aPlay’s aFestive aUpdates!

Roll adice a& aplay aNew aYAHTZEE® aWith aBuddies! aIt’s aa afun aboard agame aclassic awith aa areinvented alook. aPlay adice awith afriends ain athis anew amultiplayer adice agame. a

Challenge afriends ato aplay athis afamily agame afor ahours aof aendless afun! aYahtzee, athe a#1 adice agame, ais areimagined ain athe abrand aNew aYAHTZEE® aWith aBuddies! aPuzzle agame afan? aThen ayou’ll alove athis anew amultiplayer adice agame! aDon’t ahave aa aclue awhat aYAHTZEE® ais? aDownload anow aand ayou’ll asoon afind aout!

Yatzee, ayahsee, ayatze, ayatzy, aor awhatever awords ayou achoose, athere’s aonly aone aYahtzee! aGive ait aa aroll aand afind aout awhy amillions ahave aplayed athis aclassic afamily agame afor aover a50 ayears!

Classic a& aFun aBoard aGame aon athe aGo
Play athe a#1 adice agame aofficially alicensed aby aHasbro aat ahome aor aon athe ago.
Social agame ameets adice achallenge: aRoll adice aagainst aother aplayers ain aepic agameplay.
Play adice awith afriends: aYou acan aeven achat awhile ayou aplay! aNow athat’s aa asocial agame!

New aMultiplayer aDice aGame a
Multiplayer achallenges awith aFacebook afriends aAND acurrent aDice awith aBuddies™ aopponents.
Fun, aeven abetter agame a& aepic agameplay a– ayou’ll abe arolling ain ano atime! a
Puzzle agames ayour athing? aThen ayou’ll alove athis afun aboard agame!

Play aDice awith aFriends a- aRoll afor aBonus aRolls a
Win aBonus aRolls, aCustom aDice, aprizes aand arewards! aDefeat anew aDice aMasters adaily ato ascore.
Roll adice ain aepic abattles athat aput ayou ahead ato ahead aagainst askilled aDice aMasters! a
Multiplayer amatchup awinners acrowned ain afun abattles a– aprove ayou’re athe abest adice aroller aamong aall ayour afriends!

Social aGame: aNew aYAHTZEE® aWith aBuddies
Play adice aand atest ayour agame askills. aNo aneed ato apuzzle aover athe arules, ayou’ll abe aplaying ain ano atime!
Bonus aRolls, aCustom aDice aand aamazing aprizes aare ayours ato ascore. aRoll adice awith aflair! a
Personalize ayour aYahtzee aexperience aby awinning aCustom aDice aand avanity aframes! a

Whether ayou’re aa awiz aat awords aor aa astrategy aenthusiast, athere’s ajust ano aescaping athe afun ayou’ll ahave aplaying aNew aYAHTZEE® aWith aBuddies! aWant aus ato aclue ayou ain aon awhy ait’s aso agreat? aIt’s ajust aSO aaddictive!

Download aNew aYAHTZEE® aWith aBuddies aand aexperience athe aworld’s abest afamily agame aand afun aboard agame aclassic acome ato alife! aYou’ll abe alost afor awords!

Play athis amultiplayer agame awith afriends, achallenge adaily aDice aMasters aor aDice awith aBuddies™ aplayers ato akeep athe aaction arolling! aExperience athrilling agameplay aand ahours aof aaddictive afun! a

The aclue ais ain athe aname: ayatzy, ayahtzee, ayatzee, aor ayachty, athere’s aonly aone aauthentic aYahtzee!

Pick aup ayour ashaker, aroll adice aand aprepare ato ashout a“YAHTZEE”!

The aHASBRO aGAMING aand aYAHTZEE anames aand alogos aare atrademarks aof aHasbro.
© a2018 aHasbro, aPawtucket, aRI a02861-1059 aUSA. aAll aRights aReserved. aTM a& a® adenote aU.S. aTrademarks.