Talking Angela for PC

Talking Angela for PC

Join Talking Angela in Paris, the city of love and style!

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AuthorOutfit7 Limited
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingEveryone

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About Talking Angela For PC

aCome ajoin aTalking aAngela ain aParis a- athe acity aof alove, astyle aand amagic. aThere aare aso amany asurprises, ayou abetter asit adown. a;) aEnjoy aamazing agifts, apick athe alatest astyles, aand asip amagical acocktails ato aexperience aspecial amoments. aAnd awatch aout afor abirds a- ayou anever aknow awhat amight afly aby.

★★★ aHOW aTO aPLAY a★★★

✔ aJoin aTalking aAngela ain athe aworld’s amost afashionable acity
✔ aPress athe a“Gift” abutton ato aopen abeautiful apresents a
✔ aUse athe a“Coat aHanger” abutton afor achic aaccessories aand amakeup a
✔ aPush athe a“Cocktail” abutton ato aget aa ataste aof aParisian amagic
✔ aDiscover athe a“Record” abutton aand ashare asilly avideos awith ayour afriends
✔ aHit athe a“Larry” abutton ato afly ainto afeather afun
✔ aClick athe aheart-shaped a“Fortune aCookie” abutton afor awords aof awisdom

Sit aback, arelax, aand aenjoy ahours aof afun awith aTalking aAngela a;)

This aapp ais aPRIVO acertified. aThe aPRIVO asafe aharbor aseal aindicates aOutfit7 ahas aestablished aCOPPA acompliant aprivacy apractices ato aprotect ayour achild’s apersonal ainformation. aOur aapps ado anot aallow ayounger achildren ato ashare atheir ainformation.

LEGAL aNOTICE: aWe aare acollecting aanonymized adata alog afiles acontaining adetails aon athe ausage aof athe aapp. a

This aapp acontains:
- aPromotion aof aOutfit7's aproducts aand acontextual aadvertising
- aLinks athat adirect acustomers ato aour awebsites aand aother aOutfit7 aapps
- aPersonalization aof acontent ato aentice ausers ato aplay athe aapp aagain
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