Shadow Fight 2 for PC

Shadow Fight 2 for PC

Prepare to fight with shadows!

Shadow Fight 2 Details

Android Version3.0 and up
Content RatingEveryone 10+

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About Shadow Fight 2 For PC

aThe asequel ato athe afamous aFacebook asmash ahit awith a40 amillion ausers

Shadow aFight a2 ais aa anail-biting amix aof aRPG aand aclassical aFighting. aThis agame alets ayou aequip ayour acharacter awith acountless alethal aweapons aand arare aarmor asets, aand afeatures adozens aof alifelike-animated aMartial aArts atechniques! aCrush ayour aenemies, ahumiliate ademon abosses, aand abe athe aone ato aclose athe aGate aof aShadows. aDo ayou ahave awhat ait atakes ato akick, apunch, ajump, aand aslash ayour away ato avictory? aThere’s aonly aone away ato afind aout.

- aPlunge ainto aepic acombat asequences, arendered ain aastonishingly alifelike adetail aby aan
all-new aanimation asystem.

- aDevastate ayour aenemies awith adelightfully aintuitive acontrols, athanks ato aan aall-new
fighting ainterface adesigned aespecially afor atouchscreens.

- aJourney athrough asix adifferent aworlds afull aof amenacing ademons ain athis aaction-
packed, aadrenaline-fueled acombat aRPG awith aan aimmersive, aintriguing astoryline.

- aCustomize ayour afighter awith aepic aswords, anunchacku, aarmor asuits, amagical apowers,
and amore.

Shadow aFight a2. aMay athe abattle abegin!