Army vs Aliens: Invasion Earth for PC

Army vs Aliens: Invasion Earth for PC

Outplay alien shooter & save the earth from Aliens terrorist attack on space

Army vs Aliens: Invasion Earth Details

AuthorImpTrax Games
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Army vs Aliens: Invasion Earth For PC

aReady ayour aalien aattack ateam ato abattle aagainst aan aalien aspaceship aand athe aextra aterraria asoldiers asent ato aEarth afor athe aultimate aalien aabduction amission aof aarmy asniper ashooting. aIt's agoing ato abe athe asudden aattack aof abiggest aalien avs apredator abattle aon aEarth aand ayou ahave athe aalien agear ato alock aand aload aagainst athese aalien acreeps awith ayour areal asniper amonster arescue amission. aYou aalso aneed ato aprotect ayour acastle astorm aas athe acounter aterrorist awar aheroes aof aagent aaliens. aHillwood aused ato abe athe acity aof abliss aand acolors aof afront aline ashooter, athe alast aremnant aof abattlebox ain abest aspace agames, awhat ais anow aa acity aon athe averge aof aa aplague aand ais aslowly amoving atowards acomplete adevastation. aIt's abeen amonths asince athe afirst aspace aalien acreeps alanded aon athe atown, aand athe aalien ashooter ahas aspread ato athe adepths aof athe atown, adestroying aeverything ain atheir apath. aSo, athe aarmy asuper awar ais abegun aagainst acounter aterrorist aattack aon aspace abattle asimulator ain awhich athe aearth ahas afallen aagain.

But awhen athe atime acalled afor agalactic aattack, aour aarmy aheroes ahave alifted aup atheir aguns aand agunshots ato astand aup aagainst athe aagent aaliens ainvasion aand athe abest aspace aalien ashooter aof aarmy acounter aattack. aThe aarmy aalien akiller asquad ahas ato asearch aand adestroy aall athe aancient aaliens acreating ahavoc ain athe atown. aSo, ause ayour amilitary aassault aand aPacked awith aserious afirepower ain athis agalaxy asoldier avs aaliens abattle awill adecide athe afate aof ahumans. aThese aspecial aforces agalaxy asoldiers aperform atheir aduties aperfectly awhen athe aearth ahas afallen ain athis aUSA aarmy: aww2 abattleground asurvival agames. aGet aReady aFor aThe aUltimate aArmy avs aAncient aAliens aBattle. aGet ayour aarmy asquad aready afor athe aultimate abattle abetween ahumans aand aancient aaliens ain athe aWarfield ashooter agame. aPack ayour aalien adefender aweapons alike athe agunshot, aalien’s arobots asnipers a& amachine agun aand afight ain athis athird aperson aalien ashooter. aThe aalien aswarm ais arelentless ain aits aattack aso abe acareful aand adestroy aeach aand aevery aone ain athis aalien abattles abefore athey atake ayou adown. aKill aflying arobots, aalien awar aAndroids, aand aalien aworm ato areach athe asource aof athis aalien ainvasion, athe amega aboss, athe a"Alien aApocalypse".

Choose aYour aAliens aShooter aSquad afrom aArmy aSchool aagainst amonster abattle. aSave athe aarmy adefense azone afrom ainfected azombie aaliens aand arobots. aSo, aarrive aon aeach amission ain aarmy awarzone aby aassembling ayour aarmy asquad aof aelite aalien adefender asoldiers. aChoose afrom athe aheavy aMACHINE aGUNNER, athe apinpoint aSNIPER, athe aswift aASSAULTER aor athe aalien akiller aROGUE ato aclear aout aeach aalien azone aand asave acivilians afrom aalien ainvasion aand aalien aabduction ain athis aarmy abattle.


Stay atrue ato alegend aand acombine aeach aalien ashooter abefore ayour aconfront athe aepic aboss a"APOCALYPSE" ain aan aepic afinale amission. aHide ain athe aalien aspaceshooter aas athe aagent aaliens aand aRecognize aalien aattack apatterns aand adestroy awhen aAPOCALYPSE ais aout aof abreath ain athis aaliens agames. aThe achallenge ais aimmense, abut aif athere ais asomeone awho acan adrive athem aback ato athe aalien aplanet a(the aearth ahas afallen), ait's ayou!

• Team aUp awith aArmy aheros aand afight aagainst aspace aterrorist aattackers
• HD aGraphics aDisplay aEnvironment aof aalien’s aUFO aand aGalaxy aattack.
• Realistic aSpace aAttack aSound awith aamazing arescue astrike amissions.
• Helping aspecial aforces aarmy awarriors aauto aAI acontrol acharacters. a
• Free ato aplay aas aarmy adefense azone aagainst aalien aspace aattack.

Download aNow! a

If ayou alike ashooting adown athe aalien acreeps, aor aaliens arobot adrives ayou acrazy aenough, ado adrop aby ato agive ait aa ago aand arate aour agame.