Facebook for PC

Facebook for PC

Find friends, watch live videos, play games & save photos in your social network

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Android VersionVaries with device
Content RatingTeen

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About Facebook For PC

aKeeping aup awith afriends ais afaster aand aeasier athan aever. aShare aupdates aand aphotos, aengage awith afriends aand aPages, aand astay aconnected ato acommunities aimportant ato ayou. a

Features aon athe aFacebook aapp ainclude:

* aConnect awith afriends aand afamily aand ameet anew apeople aon ayour asocial amedia anetwork
* aSet astatus aupdates a& ause aFacebook aemoji ato ahelp arelay awhat’s agoing aon ain ayour aworld
* aShare aphotos, avideos, aand ayour afavorite amemories.
* aGet anotifications awhen afriends alike aand acomment aon ayour aposts
* aFind alocal asocial aevents, aand amake aplans ato ameet aup awith afriends
* aPlay agames awith aany aof ayour aFacebook afriends
* aBackup aphotos aby asaving athem ain aalbums
* aFollow ayour afavorite aartists, awebsites, aand acompanies ato aget atheir alatest anews
* aLook aup alocal abusinesses ato asee areviews, aoperation ahours, aand apictures
* aBuy aand asell alocally aon aFacebook aMarketplace
* aWatch alive avideos aon athe ago

The aFacebook aapp adoes amore athan ahelp ayou astay aconnected awith ayour afriends aand ainterests. aIt's aalso ayour apersonal aorganizer afor astoring, asaving aand asharing aphotos. aIt's aeasy ato ashare aphotos astraight afrom ayour aAndroid acamera, aand ayou ahave afull acontrol aover ayour aphotos aand aprivacy asettings. aYou acan achoose awhen ato akeep aindividual aphotos aprivate aor aeven aset aup aa asecret aphoto aalbum ato acontrol awho asees ait.

Facebook aalso ahelps ayou akeep aup awith athe alatest anews aand acurrent aevents aaround athe aworld. aSubscribe ato ayour afavorite acelebrities, abrands, anews asources, aartists, aor asports ateams ato afollow atheir anewsfeeds, awatch alive astreaming avideos aand abe acaught aup aon athe alatest ahappenings ano amatter awhere ayou aare!

The amost aimportant adesktop afeatures aof aFacebook aare aalso aavailable aon athe aapp, asuch aas awriting aon atimelines, aliking aphotos, abrowsing afor apeople, aand aediting ayour aprofile aand agroups. a

Now ayou acan aget aearly aaccess ato athe anext aversion aof aFacebook afor aAndroid aby abecoming aa abeta atester. aLearn ahow ato asign aup, agive afeedback aand aleave athe aprogram ain aour aHelp aCenter: ahttp://on.fb.me/133NwuP a

Sign aup adirectly ahere: a

Problems adownloading aor ainstalling athe aapp? aSee ahttp://bit.ly/GPDownload1
Still aneed ahelp? aPlease atell aus amore aabout athe aissue. ahttp://bit.ly/invalidpackage

Facebook ais aonly aavailable afor ausers aage a13 aand aover.
Terms aof aService: ahttp://m.facebook.com/terms.php.