Granny for PC

Granny for PC

Granny keeps you locked in her house.

Granny Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Granny Screenshots

Granny for PC screenshot 1Granny for PC screenshot 2Granny for PC screenshot 3

About Granny For PC

aWelcome ato aGranny.

Granny akeeps ayou alocked ain aher ahouse.
Now ayou ahave ato atry ato aget aout aof aher ahouse, abut abe acareful aand aquiet. aShe ahears aeverything.
If ayou adrop asomething aon athe afloor, ashe ahears ait aand acomes arunning.
You acan ahide ain awardrobes aor aunder abeds.
You ahave a5 adays.

Good aluck!

The agame acontains aadvertisement.