Death Invasion : Survival for PC

Death Invasion : Survival for PC

The best third-person shooting game!Just Aim, Fire, and Shoot!

Death Invasion : Survival Details

AuthorJoyMeng GAME
Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Death Invasion : Survival Screenshots

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About Death Invasion : Survival For PC

aThis ais aa asmall atown aoccupied aby aDeath. aYou awill abe ainfected aby azombies aeasily aif ayou acontinue astaying ahere. aWant ato asurvive? aJust aarm ayourself aand aflee athe atown!
Being akind ais astupid abecause athe azombies ahere ahave alost atheir abasic aemotions. aWhat ayou aneed ato ado ais areplenish ayour abullets ain atime aand anever astop ashooting. aFighting ais athe aonly achoice!
There aare aseveral asurvivors ain athis atown. aThough ayou aare anot aa asavior, ayou amay aneed atheir ahelp ato aescape afrom athis atown. aFind athe asurvivors aand aform aa asquad ato afight ashoulder aby ashoulder.
To asurvive, afood, akiller aweapons, afuel aand agenerator aare aindispensable. aHowever, athese aessential aresources aare aoften aleft ain adangerous aplaces. aYou aneed ato aoffer afire asupport afor ayour ateammates aso athat athey ahave aenough atime ato aopen athe adoor. aOtherwise, ayou awill abe asurrounded aby acluster aof azombies. aArm ayourself aand aimprove ayour acombat apower. aThe ahelmet acan ahelp ayou areduce athe adamage ayou atake awhen ayou aare aaccidentally abitten aby aa azombie. aThe abackpack aallows ayou ato acollect amore aitems ato asurvive ain athe ajourney aaway afrom athe ahorrible atown. aHard agloves acan amake ayour afists amore aaggressive.
Use ayour afists ato arepel athe azombies aand adefeat athe augly azombies aBOSS. aThe azombies ahave abeen ainfected anot along aago. aThere aare amany auseful aitems aon atheir abodies- ablood apacks, astimulants, aetc. aThese athings aoften adetermine ahow alonger ayou acan asurvive.
Use asub-weapons asuch aas agrenade aand alandmine ato ablow aup aclosed adoors aand adefeat agroups aof azombies! aCollect apieces aof afirearms aas amany aas ayou acan ain athe adeadly ajourney aand aassemble athem ainto amore apowerful afirearms! aThis ais athe asurvival agame aof astrong aones.
Of acourse, athere awill abe amany asurprises ain athis asurvival ajourney. aFor aexample, aif ayou afind aa ashabby atank, aall ayou aneed ato ado ais acover ayour ateammates ato afix athe atank. aA atank awill abe amore apowerful athan a10 aheavy amachine aguns.
Are ayou aready ato astart athis ajourney aof asurvival? aTo atake aup aarms ato asurvive athe abattle, aor ato agive aup aresistance, adrowning ain athe azombie asea? aIt adepends aon ayou. aJust aequip ayour aweapon aand aexperience athe aawesome athird-person ashooting agame!

Game aFeatures:
HD abattle ascene
Real astory adialogue
Rich agear asystem
Awesome ashooting
Free-moving athird-person ashooting agame