Critical Ops for PC

Critical Ops for PC

esports 3D multiplayer First Person Shooter

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AuthorCritical Force Ltd.
Android Version4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen

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About Critical Ops For PC

aCritical aOps ais aa a3D aMULTIPLAYER aFPS abuild afor amobile. aExperience aaction, awhere afast areflexes aand aTACTICAL askills aare aessential ato asuccess.
Are ayou aready afor athe amost askill-based amobile aFPS?

Critical aOps ais aa afirst-person ashooter athat afeatures acompetitive acombat athrough abeautifully acrafted amaps aand achallenging agame amodes. aBattle ait aout aalongside ayour aband aof abrothers aor alead aan aindividual ascoreboard. aWill ayou afight aas aa amember aof aCoalition aor aThe aBreach?

The aoutcome ais adetermined aby ayour askills aand ayour astrategy. aOffering ano ain-app apurchases athat agive acompetitive aadvantages, awe aguarantee aa aFAIR-TO-PLAY ascene! aMaster aa avariety aof aweapons aand askills aby acompeting ain aintense aPvP agameplay. a aCompetitive aranked agames apit ayou aagainst aother asimilarly askilled aoperatives. a aWhile aplaying, ayou awill alearn anew amechanics aand again aknowledge, aallowing ayou ato aevolve aas aa aplayer.

Go aSOCIAL! aCreate aor ajoin aa aclan. aHost aprivate amatches. aGather ayour afriends aand ajoin athem ain aexciting acombat! a

Critical aOps aexpands athe aworld aof aesports aonto athe amobile aplatforms. aJoin aour aVIBRANT aESPORT aSCENE aand again aa areputation afor aYOU aand ayour ateam.

The agame acurrently afeatures athree achallenging agame amodes:

Two ateams, atwo agoals! aOne ateam atrying ato aplant aand adefend athe abomb auntil adetonation, athe aother aone atrying ato adefuse ait. aDominate athe abattlefield!

Two aopposing ateams abattle ait aout ain aa atimed adeathmatch. aMake aeach abullet acount!

Two ateams afight aagainst aeach aother, awith aindividual aplayers aworking atheir aown away athrough aall athe aweapons ain athe agame. aGear aUp!

Play athe agame ahow ayou alike athrough aour amatchmaking:

Play aall athe aavailable agame amodes ain aquick, amatchmade agames awith aoperatives aof asimilar askill alevel.

Operatives acompete afor apoints aand asecure atheir arank athrough avictory ain aa acompetitive amatchmade aadaptation aof aDefuse. aClimb ato athe atop aof athe aladder! a

The aclassic away aof aplaying aCritical aOps, ajoin aor ahost aa aroom aof aany aof athe aavailable agame atypes, aenable aa apassword ato ahost aprivate arooms. a

Regular aupdates aimprove agame aperformance, aunlock anew agame amodes, afeatures aand askins ato apersonalize athe aexperience afor ayou aas aa aplayer. aCritical aOps ais aand aalways awill abe aa aFREE-TO-PLAY agame. aPurchases aare apurely acosmetic.

Download anow aand ajoin athe aCritical aOps acommunity!

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