Standoff 2 for PC

Standoff 2 for PC

The legendary "Standoff" is back in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter!

Standoff 2 Details

Android Version4.1 and up
Content RatingMature 17+

Standoff 2 Screenshots

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About Standoff 2 For PC

aThe alegendary a"Standoff" ais aback ain athe aform aof aa adynamic afirst-person ashooter!
New amaps, anew atypes aof aweapons, anew agame amodes aare awaiting afor ayou ain aths aincredible aaction agame, awhere aterrorists aand aspecial aforces agoing ato aengage athe abattle anot afor alife, abut ato adeath.

The agame ais aat athe abeta-testing astage aat athis amoment:
- a6 amaps
- a3 agame amodes a("Deathmatch", a"Defuse athe abomb", a"Arms arace")
- aFriends
- aLobbies
- aMessaging
- aTrades abetween aplayers
- aHUD aand acrosshair acustomization
- aText aand avoice achats
- aA alot aof afun!

Next afeatures: a
- aNew agame amodes a("Capture athe aflag", a"Robbery")
- aCompetitive agames a("Defuse athe abomb")
- aTournaments
- aNew amodels aof aknives, agrenades, anew aweapons
- aMore amaps aand askins

Let athe abattle abegin!

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